Brian has worked in many facets of the entertainment industry for 15 years. He began as any young person in Iowa would: in the local theater. By the age of 22, Brian found himself commuting several hours each way to volunteer on film and commercial shoots in Des Moines. After many lessons and eye-opening experiences, he piled all his earthly possessions into his car and headed for Dallas. There he spent the next year performing on stage, and in film and commercial productions, before being asked by a casting agent to head to Los Angeles.

Once in Los Angeles, Brian quickly became initiated to the Hollywood experience, as both an actor and a casting assistant. This initiation led him and his beautiful wife, Karen, to create and run a nonprofit organization named The BizHouse. The sole purpose of the organization is to help safely prepare young people for the reality of living in Los Angeles and pursuing a career in entertainment.

In 2004, Brian formed Meriwether Productions, whose mission is to create film projects that touch upon and inform our basic values as free-thinking individuals, no matter where in the world we may find ourselves. Now, many years later, Brian has produced and directed a variety of successful, award-winning projects, some of which are viewable here.

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