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(Not just content.)

We are passionate about telling stories that to do more than just entertain people for a couple hours.  

Stories that leave a lasting mark.  We believe the national responses for the projects listed below attest to that.  We will our projects to completion and we create unique audience engagement campaigns for each one…all by doing more than just seeking to entertain.

We choose stories that have the power to change lives.

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Brian Ide

For many years now, Brian Ide has been telling stories that help create community. From his beginnings in Iowa to his time in Los Angeles, Brian has always focused on exploring those things that bring us all together and teach us to overcome our perceived differences. With Meriwehther Productions, Brian has been able to bring his craft to a wider audience than ever before, and the journey has only just begun.

This Day Forward

A true story of faith, fear, and finding your way.

We’re telling the stories that bring people together.

It’s no secret that stories have a power to create community like nothing else. At Meriwether Productions, we believe that film can be a positive instigator of change and we constantly look for how to make those types of stories come alive in a unique way. While we love to be entertained by popcorn movies, we feel called to take greater risks with our story selections, especially when they have the potential to impact the greater good. Interested in helping us tell those stories? We would love to hear from you.