A Bit About Brian

Meriwether Productions is every ounce of who I am.  As a storyteller and a person of service, it’s everything I was meant to do. It’s all I think about all day long.  I constantly ask myself, “Is this who I am when I get up in the morning?” And every morning, the answer is, “Yes. It’s exactly who I am.”

People say they like to push boundaries, but they rarely actually move to push those boundaries.  They like the idea of change more than they like change. They call themselves risk-takers but always play it safe.  Successful agents of change that I have encountered make hard, necessary, real decisions. They produce things nobody has seen before.  They push and they scrape and make holes in the wall. They act.

I’ll admit, I’m not perfect.  I’ve stared down the precipice and backed slowly away.  But at least a few times — when it really counted, when it changed my life — I’ve taken the leap.  Maybe it is the blending of my Iowan upbringing and my Los Angelean adulthood.

I’ve regretted the moments when I backed away from a bold, exciting risk.  Regret makes you feel like you don’t belong somewhere; you’re here now, but you keep thinking, I should be over there.  And so, when it comes time for me to take another risk, I force myself to relive that regret.  I hate that feeling. I don’t want it ever again. So then I give myself an option: Feel that awful regret, or be free of it.  Take a leap, and be free. Maybe that is why I am drawn to stories that attempt to engage audiences, not just entertain them.

I still have problems, of course - and some are of my own making (Not every bold move works out, after all!)  But let’s give everything we have. We have an idea of ourselves. We think of ourselves as bold.

All we have to do now is live up to it.