A film about learning to love the other… 

The idea for Reconcile was born because I was profoundly affected by the story of a fellow vestry member who grew up loving the church but was ultimately rejected by it when he came out as gay.

My children have grown up loving and being embraced by our church and I could only imagine how devastating it would be if All Saints’ turned its back on them.

I have never experienced that kind of discrimination.  I am a tall, fairly athletic, decently attractive, middle-class, straight, white male who was born to a Lutheran pastor father, a devout Catholic mother and is married to an Episcopalian.  While my life has been filled with my own struggles, discrimination has never been one of them. And yet I have my own set of biases that I struggle with all of the time.

‘Loving the Other’.  That’s what Reconcile is about.  Who is your other? Republicans/Democrats?  The homeless? The rich? People who are black/white/Asian/Latino/Middle Eastern?  Gun owners? People with tattoos? People you think are too skinny or overweight? Catholics?  Protestants? Evangelicals? Muslims? Jews?

‘Loving the Other’  It is a universal struggle, especially in this time.  Thank you for lending your heart and voice to the conversation.