Clear Lake, WI

My first feature film and what a learning lesson it was!  Shot in Clear Lake itself, where the temperature never reached up to 0 degrees. It was such a great experience to work with our amazing cast and crew and figure out what we were doing as we went along.  The story is set in the rural town of Clear Lake, WI, starring Michael Madsen, Paul Ben Victor and Audrey Wasilewski.

This film tells the story of a documentarian who takes a group of 5 people to revisit the ghost town where they grew up and are then forced to confront the evil that still exists there.  

Ooooo… mysterious…

Award winner:  Boston Film Festival, Gasparilla Film Festival, Wild Rose Independent Film Festival

The Pilgrimage Project

My first documentary and what an epic challenge!  

Shot in both New York and Jerusalem, this documentary is the story of 7 unique clergy people who traveled to the Holy Land for the pilgrimage of a lifetime.  

Will their denominational differences be too much of an obstacle or will they find themselves united in something larger?

It was my first project centered in the spirit of telling ecumenical stories of faith.  

This documentary is currently being re-edited and remastered.

The Ride

This was truly my first foray into directing!  

It is a short film about Paul Revere and his famous ride, shot with a budget of something around $2.  

We donated it to schools throughout the world, and it’s been used a couple of hundred thousand times.