What People Are Saying About Reconcile

Thank you!!! Great work!!!  I have tweeted it and posted it on my personal FB page. I will get it on the Diocesan FB page soon. I will also share it with the Diocese via our weekly journals.  I am boosting the first video on our Diocesan Facebook page and intend to do the same next week with the second. We are most grateful.
Rt. Rev. Dan Edwards - Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Nevada

Thank you for sending me these powerful videos which are so very well done. The work and witness of reconciliation is the work of God in Christ and all God's children are strengthened by acknowledging the dignity of every person.  Bless you and bless your good work on behalf of the LGBT community . I will be sure these are seen in my diocese . Thank you.
Rt. Rev. Michael Vono - Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Rio Grande

Thank you for this work and for sharing it with all of us. Blessings.
The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano - Bishop of Long Island

Thank you for sharing this brilliant and insightful video and for making it available to congregations for wider use.  In the diocese I serve, I plan to make this video known and encourage its use. Please accept my gratitude for your work and prayers for such work in the future.
Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe - Bishop of Diocese of Northwestern PA

Thanks for everything you do and can do for our LGBTQ community! God bless you in your efforts.
Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen - Bishop of Diocese of Maryland

I am going to forward this along to Dean Troy Mendez who has been informally coordinating events with the LGBT community.  I appreciate your sharing your work with us!
Rt. Rev. Kirk Stevan Smith - Bishop of Diocese of Arizona

I'm thinking of doing a screening, with dinner and discussion at church.  I might partner with a local organization called "One Community.” I'll keep you posted.  Right now, we've been using the Parker Palmer book, "Healing the Heart of Democracy," which has been an excellent basis for discussion.  Hope you're well. This is excellent! Stay tuned.
Very Rev. Troy Mendez - Dean Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

This is a wonderful film and I look forward to using this in our work going forward. Again, many thanks,
Cynde Bimbi - Communications Manager Diocese of Delaware

Brian, thank you and all those who worked on this project for an excellent production - and for the opportunity to share it through our channels!  The vision in the film of reconciliation on many levels is moving - an honest and hopeful vision. Our Communications Director Katie Sherrod has already started thinking about how best to use your powerful message in concert with our own. It's a great gift and certainly supports our hopes to foster a culture in our churches where all are welcome.  We'll keep in touch to let you know how we share this film.
Tracie Middleton - Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

I watched your video and was nearly brought to tears. It’s beautifully crafted, hitting just the right notes, and I am more than happy to share it with others in our diocese. Thank you for this important message!
Cate Wetherald:  Director of Communications - The Episcopal Diocese of Spokane

Brian - already saw it and passed it on to our LGBT committee - we are planning to add it to our website.  Well done!
Canon Arguedas - Episcopal Diocese of Central PA

Brian, I had the opportunity to view the video last week, through the Episcopal Communicators' listserv. It is beautifully done--so powerful, so relevant. We'll be sharing it next week through social media and encourage our parishes to do the same. Thank you for giving us an amazing resource!
Kate - Diocesan News - West Virginia

Thanks, Brian. Beautiful work! Have you posted this on Facebook? I’d like to share on our diocesan web page and with LGBT groups in Vermont.”
Maurice L. Harris - Diocesan Communications Minister - Diocese of Vermont

If you’d like to run a blurb about this in our weekly newsletter we’d be happy to promote it!
The Rev. Joseph Peters-Mathews:  Working Group Head for Communications - The Episcopal Diocese of California

Tears rolling down my cheeks.  This is beautiful
Sharon Jenkens, First Baptist, Athens, GA

Wonderful video.  Excellent job. Can I post a link to it on our website?
Brad Hale, Church of the Good Shepherd, Kansas City, MO

I am so proud of you all for this incredible work of art. The message is one that I believe sets apart the Episcopal faith as truly living the word of Christ. Congratulations on a job well done. Tears of joy are flowing…
Jeni Salassi, Christ Church, Covington, LA

In case it's not getting said, it's also a treat seeing Cindy Walsh in action :) Really amazing work!
Ashley Graham-Wilcox, Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers

Thanks so much for sharing this. Not only is it incredibly moving and well done, but it caused me to commit the sin of envy at the resources you have. :) And since you have said we can share it, I plan to do so widely in our diocese.
Katie Sherrod, Diocese of Fort Worth

"This is amazing. I needed to see this today. Beautiful work. Thank you!
Sarah Bartenstein, St. Stephen’s, Richmond VA

This is so well-done! So moving! Is this something we can share in our diocese? Prefect reflection on National Coming Out Day.
Vicki, Diocese of Western MA

This is really wonderful – thank you for sharing here.
Victoria Ludwin, Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, TX

The video is terrific on so many levels. It holds the church accountable for its treatment of LBGT folks, but shows that is not the only voice in Christian practice; it holds parents accountable for their response, but shows how hard but how important making an apology can be; how old wounds are easy to carry how hard they are to put down --how easy it is for them to get in the way of reconciliation; it shows how someone can hold their partner accountable in a loving and supportive way (“one of the first things you told me about your mother was that she was allergic to salmon”) and are open to help in the reconciliation; it shows a very loving and open father and a conflicted mom (not always the stereotype); and it holds up baptism in which all the promise resides.

Beautifully written … well shot and edited, and it is gentle in its tension. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Carol Bardwell, Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Thanks for sharing this, Brian! I'll relay it to my superiors and see if we have time to include some information about this in our next newsletter.
Sam Smith:  Assistant for Administration and Communications - Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky